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Agriculture for Sustainable Growth: Challenges and Opportunities for a New 'Green Revolution' 11-13 June 2015, Benguérir, Morocco

Agriculture for Sustainable Growth: Challenges and Opportunities for a New 'Green Revolution' 11-13 June 2015, Benguérir, Morocco

Agriculture for Sustainable Growth: Challenges and Opportunities for a New 'Green Revolution' 11-13 June 2015, Benguérir, Morocco

  • 13 Jun, 2015



    Agriculture for Sustainable Growth: Challenges and
    Opportunities for a New 'Green Revolution'

    11-13 June 2015, Benguérir, Morocco

    GDN's flagship event is its three-day Annual Global Development Conference held in different countries across the globe. These conferences aim to connect developing countries researchers and students with the world's most influential researchers, donors, corporate leaders and political figures on a common platform where they can interact with each other, share their research work and discuss the most pressing challenges in social and economic development.

    The GDN's forthcoming 2015 Annual Global Development Conference is organized around one major theme: Agriculture for Sustainable Growth: Challenges and Opportunities for a New 'Green Revolution'. In light of the challenges of economic, social and environmental sustainability facing agricultural and food systems, the conference aims at a better understanding of the nature, role and prospects of agricultural development in the context of the post-2015 development agenda and the new international climate agreement. The main topic of the Conference includes interrelated issues, each of them calling for a variety of disciplinary approaches:

  • Agricultural productivity, farm policies, new industrial policies for entrepreneurship in agribusiness sector;
  • Agricultural products, sustainable food systems and nutrition;
  • Land and water management;
  • Priorities and financing of agricultural research;
  • Agriculture and environmental services;
  • Agriculture and rural development;
  • The functioning of primary commodity and food markets (both nationally and globally);
  • The mitigation of risks facing producers, including weather events and climate change;
  • Governance and agriculture: political economy aspects at the national, regional and international level;
  • Bioeconomics, linkages between agriculture and other sectors;
  • Trade and agricultural sector;
  • Agriculture and development aid to support strategic choices in agricultural development;
  • Indicators and measure of food security, natural and wealth accounting, ...
  • These series of related questions will underpin the conference, with a comparative and cross country approach.

    The Conference is organized around a competitive call for sessions and for papers, feeding into our annual Global Development Awards and Medals Competition. It features the work conducted by young researchers through a marketplace for development research and a posters exhibition. And it will attract young graduates, researchers, and policy makers from all over the world!

    We look forward to welcoming all of you and to working together to showcase the research outputs on agricultural development!


    Deadline for submissions: January 31st, 2015

    Submission for papers, sessions and posters through GDN website: www.gdn.int/conf2015

    For related queries: cfp@gdn.int


    Agriculture for sustainable growth: Challenges and opportunities for a new 'Green Revolution'


  • Food security and nutrition
  • Environmental challenges and natural resources management
  • Economic, social and political transformations: effects and impact of agricultural development process
  • Financial and technological innovations: which new tools for the next 'Green Revolution'?

  • Partners of the GDN Annual Global Development Conference

    OCP Policy Center:
    OCP Policy Center is a think tank that has the ambition to function as an open debate platform, in the spirit of a 'public good', a center for fact-based intellectual stimulation, an incubator for ideas, and a proactive source of proposals for decision-makers and all stakeholders. Its overarching objective is to enhance corporate and national capacities for objective policy analysis to foster economic and social development, particularly in Morocco and emerging economies. OCP Policy Center does this by conducting and promoting independent policy research, knowledge, and training activities. It aims to create an environment of informed and fact-based public policy debate, especially on the following themes and issues: sustainable agriculture, environment, and food security; Macroeconomic policy, economic and social development, and regional economics; Commodity economics; Understanding key regional and global evolutions shaping the future of Morocco. This is also achieved in partnership with a carefully selected network of think tanks and research organizations located both in Morocco and internationally. OCP Policy Center strives, through an active Young Leader Program and various training activities, to contribute to develop a new generation of leaders in the public, corporate, and civil society sector in Morocco; and more broadly in Africa.

    OCP Policy Center is supported by the OCP Foundation.

    Economic Research Forum:
    The Economic Research Forum is dedicated to promoting high quality economic research that contributes to inclusive and sustainable development in the ERF region, defined to include the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey. To this end ERF aims to: 1. support the development of the economic research community in the ERF region; 2. encourage the production of independent and high-quality economic (and related) research pertaining to public policy in the ERF region; 3. undertake and manage regional research projects with a view to filling knowledge gaps about the key development challenges facing the ERF region; and 4. disseminate research outcomes widely, through various channels including conferences, workshops and publications.

    Mohammed VI Polytechnic University:
    Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is a world-class institution of higher learning in the future Mohammed VI Green City in Benguérir. The University itself will emphasize R&D in areas critical to OCP Group's development (such as mining, sustainable development and industrial management) and to the economic, social, higher education and environmental future of Morocco. The new R&D center will include experimental laboratories dedicated to research in mining and chemistry, and will give the opportunity to attract qualified students and researchers from around the world.

    About the location:
    The location of Benguérir will allow the discovery of the future Green City of Africa, positioned for both local, national impact and beyond. At the heart of this future Green City is the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. Access: the Green City is connected through Marrakech and Casablanca Airport.


"SAARC Recognized Body" status of SANEI, renewed | SANEI Secretariat relocated in Kathmandu, Nepal | The Global Development Awards Competition is an innovative award scheme launched by GDN with the generous support from the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan. The Awards Competition recognizes excellence in policy-oriented research, supports research capacity development of researchers in developing countries and funds innovative social development projects benefiting marginalized groups in the developing world. Since its inception in 2000, GDN has provided US$ 3.8 million in awards and travel grants to finalists and winners. The winners of the current round will be chosen by an eminent jury at GDN’s 17th Annual Global Development Conference to be held in Peru from 17-18 March, 2016; an event expected to be attended by over 200 practitioners in the field of development where finalists will present their proposals. Finalists from both award categories will be invited to present their proposals at the Conference. | SANEI is now associate member of International Economic Association |