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M. Ali Khan

M. Ali Khan received his B.Sc (Econ.) from the LSE in 1969, M. Phil and Ph. D. from Yale in 1972, 1973 respectively and has been the Abram Hutzler Professor of Political Economy at Johns Hopkins since 1989. He has taught at the University of Illinois (1984-1988) and has  held visiting appointments at the LSE, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland,  PIDE (Islamabad), AERC (Karachi), Fundaçao Getilio Vargas (Brazil), Universidad Federico Santa Maria (Chile),  CMM (Chile), CORE (Belgium), Maison de Economique (Paris), IMS (Singapore), ISI (Delhi) and at Northwestern, Cornell, Bilkent (Ankara) and Australian National Universities. His primary research interests are in the history of ideas, and he sees issues in development economics alongside those in ethics and epistemology, with particular interest in how economic development and cultural change calls the robustness of disciplinary boundaries into question. This has led him to the "Economics of the Eighteenth Century", and through the Scottish Enlightenment, to the language of commerce in religious texts. His interests in theory and epistemology are complemented by those in mathematics and mathematical economics: chaotic dynamics, nonstandard analysis (Loeb spaces), nonsmooth optimization, game theory, and probability theory (laws of large numbers with a continuum of random variables).

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M Ali Khan
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